And announces launch of Home Energy Manager

Today, the Amsterdam based Tech-startup Cohere Energy Solutions, announced that it has raised €300.000,- from investors. With this investment, Cohere is able to further expand and focus on the development of their product Maxem® – the Energy Manager that makes electric cars and homes 100% sustainable. The first pilots with the fourth generation of the Energy Manager started last month. With this fourth generation, Cohere focuses on a broader market. In addition to the original smart-charging for electric cars, the innovative system allows the home owner to transform his house into a completely sustainable grid. The micro-computer – installed in the meter cabinet – measures and controls all energy systems in the house. The electric car, solar panels, heat pump and home battery are all connected to one another, creating a local smart grid. This way, home owners are always able to make optimal use of their own renewable energy and run a sustainable household. Earlier this month, Cohere already launched a new website for Maxem® –
“Our goal is to make every home and every electric car 100% sustainable. This investment will help us realize that vision.” – Jan Willem Heinen, CEO Cohere
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