Meet Hugo

-Practical explorer with a drive to build a sustainable future-

January 19th, 2018 by Sandra Radecka

I Started working at 

LiveTech Systems, part of Transitions Now group (TN), 7 months ago. Having a practical mindset I was looking for a challenge to make some money in the time leading up to my trip abroad. In these 5 months, however, I found out that working within TN means working in a young and vibrant start-up environment. And that I really enjoyed it!

Then I left… 

for Indonesia and in a strange way it reminded me of the friendly and agile culture I had met with for my brief period with TN.

One of the things that caught my attention was the amount of pollution. I realized that many people there don’t have the resources to change it. This had me thinking about the future. I noticed that this is one of the challenges that we are currently trying to tackle in Western Europe. It would be amazing if we could actually reach the people in developing countries like Indonesia, with our solutions in the future.

“I really want people to start thinking about how we are going to live on this planet in 2050. My dream is to translate the IoT solutions that we are developing here at LiveTech Systems to different sectors – for instance, to reduce food waste.”

So I started to work at

LiveTech Systems again which gave me the opportunity to anticipate on my belief that IT can have a great and positive impact on the worlds sustainable future.

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